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Note: PowerTouch screens will vary from these samples based on individual conference center needs and resources.



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Board Room and Conference Center A/V Control
Golden Pacific Systems understands that business A/V systems are a breed apart from residential systems. For commercial presentation centers and executive board rooms, the system must simply work, and work simply. PowerTouch by GPS does just that, quietly, powerfully, swiftly. Guests and staff can easily get exactly what they want on screen without training or practice, the first time, and every time.

PowerTouch goes beyond simplicity and adds one-touch control of combined activity like room lighting, screen management, window blinds, videoconferencing, and speakerphones, as well as complex audio and video hardware settings. Get the ideal setup each time for any source, without having to know anything about the hardware or controls. But your technical users can access advanced settings easily and instantly with the most intuitive and powerful interface in the A/V market today.

Golden Pacific Systems realized that what meeting room users want is to SELECT CONTENT – not to “operate equipment”. Until now, nearly all board room control systems have been designed essentially as a “universal remote” that can address all the varied equipment in the room. Sadly, this has resulted in systems that are either completely inflexible or impossible for mere mortals to use. The USER must know which devices have to be set in what ways to see or hear anything, as well as how to get to each of the controls to set them. Every time. No wonder most conference room systems are run by only one person in the company, and that often the many video and audio settings are less than optimal - it's simply easier to leave them alone.

With PowerTouch, you simply choose what you want to see or hear - Computers or A/V - using one or more attractive and approachable touch screens. Then just touch one button, and the advanced software knows and does whatever is required to route your selected content and adjust the devices in the path to their best settings, including automatically optimizing high-definition video and digital audio. Device functions are all abstracted and made to operate in exactly the same way – even if they are designed entirely differently. Play, channel, volume, pause are always the same button and work exactly the same regardless of what content you’re watching. Choices of laptop inputs and screen resolutions are obvious and intuitive. No more fumbling - command all of every device’s power at will, without having to know one from another.

That simplicity and power are just the start of what distinguishes PowerTouch from anything on the market. Add your choice of unique features like user preference profiles (including control complexity level), individual permissions, supervisory control and passwords, in-control-panel video preview, and much more.

Typical conference room A/V integrations are custom, one-off, rigid, dead-ended, and often obsolete almost as soon as they are installed. Expensive custom control programming may take months to complete, require more programming for as simple a change as a new video source, and may require complete replacement if the original programmer is no longer available to maintain it.

By comparison, the PowerTouch design of standardized core functionality and layered optional features and upgrades allows you to select and adjust exactly the system you need today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Because of its advanced database system architecture, PowerTouch requires no unique programming for most installations. That means that initial configuration can take only a few hours, and that new equipment and features can be added at any time without redesigning the individual system. That’s a revolutionary differentiator for conference center controls that keeps your system as current as your needs. When unique requirements demand true custom additions, the modular design and database architecture make it straightforward and seamless. Maintenance and updates can even be done via the Internet, without requiring the delay and inconvenience of a service call.

When it simply must work, for anyone, every time, you need the reliability and power of PowerTouch. See a GPS system consultant for details on options and pricing for your new PowerTouch board room and conference center A/V control system.