Central Station Monitoring
Vigilante Security Monitoring keeps a controlled number of monitored clients so that we can provide a level of personal service that other companies don’t even pretend to offer. Our monitoring station has been locally owned and operated for more than 25 years, watching over thousands of homes. We even guarantee your system against false alarms. That’s right – we'll pay any costs or fines if a GPS-installed and monitored system under warranty ever triggers a false alarm. We couldn’t offer that if we weren't confident that our services were as solid as you deserve.

Most central monitoring businesses only actually detect that your home is in an alarm condition, and they simply call the police or fire department. GPS Vigilante Security Monitoring can react to details – incremental issues, trouble reports, exact location on the property and duration of issues – and respond appropriately. That appropriate response may be contacting you or your designated responsible parties with information that will let you actually resolve a problem, instead of merely surrounding your home with men in uniforms. And if Vigilante determines that fire or police officers are needed, our detailed monitoring provides them with the details they need immediately to most effectively deal with the problem. Then, you and your appointees will also have critical information on the actual location and continuing condition of a breach so that your home can be closed up and secured again afterwards.

To foil thieves and accidents, your monitoring can be both wired and wireless. If the phone line fails or is cut, a reliable wireless signal can be sent to the monitoring station to indicate the true conditions at your home. Vigilante monitored systems can notify our office in the event of a malfunction and even allow remote management to eliminate costly service calls.

As you may know, most insurance companies give even further reduced rates for customers who have monitoring as well as an alarm system. Taking advantage of that discount will help you appreciate the value of your system. But Vigilante Central Station Monitoring is able to add value to your daily life, informing you of conditions on your property that merit your attention, but not necessarily that of the police.

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. Vigilante Central Station Monitoring can make it easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Our Security Consultants can design a plan personally for you.