Structured Wiring: Design for the Future
For modern homes and homeowners, “industry standard” wiring is seldom satisfactory in the long term, even if it seems so at build-out time. GPS engineers and designers encourage homeowners to become involved in choices that have long term benefits. Wiring must be done right the first time, because the costs to add to it later jump up by quantum levels.

GPS installs the Nouveaux Structured Wiring Platform (NSWP), a rethink of the basic Structured Wiring Panel typically installed in subdivision homes today. No longer merely a glorified termination panel, the NWSP is an integration platform forming the backbone of a home’s audio, video, and communication systems. It accommodates the cabling and equipment for both present and future technology.

Until now, the standard Structured Wiring Panel (commonly referred to as the SWP) has been installed in the master bedroom closet with the security system. This is because it has seemed to make sense to locate wiring/technology things together, and conventional wisdom that says the master bedroom will be the last refuge area and the most secure, ideal for prevention of tampering with the security system..

GPS recommends against co-location of the security system and other home technology. The bedroom closet might be acceptable for just the security system, but wherever it is, you don’t want anyone but the security company ever working on or near it. Similarly, security technicians are not aware of the operation of entertainment, phone, and networking equipment and often disable other systems while adjusting their own. And the lady of the house doesn’t want to give up bedroom closet space for bulky and sometimes noisy equipment.

Instead, GPS locates the NSWP separately from the security system in an area that enables it to be an integral part of the home’s present and future automation, networking, and entertainment infrastructure. Golden Pacific uses a larger wall box to accommodate a variety of brands of modules, mounted in positions that make installation and service easy and more reliable. By locating the expanded NSWP termination behind or near one or more AV industry standard equipment rack (19” wide and typically 25” deep), virtually any equipment (existing or emerging) can be installed immediately, without compromising quality of workmanship or the neatness of appearance.

Since the Rack will probably contain some home entertainment “feed me” devices (as in feed me a DVD, CD, Tape, etc.), it must be located in an area easily accessible to family and guests, and have adequate ventilation. The family room, basement entertainment room, or centralized closet, is the ideal location. Any room with speakers (usually built-in) and a television can share all the media available in the rack… no more bulky, unsightly equipment with flashing lights in every room.

Control is accomplished through any of a number of systems which operate on computer industry standard “Cat 5” cable commonly used for the LAN (local area network). Unsightly, redundant local equipment is eliminated as is the need for the typical three to six remote controls in each room. Instead, the NSWP enables use of centralized control systems from any and all home locations.

How much cable is enough? Most integrators install a “standard” wire bundle consisting of two coax cables and two Cat 5 cables, routed to a single place in each room, selected either by the builder or the owner. However, this seldom satisfies the actual needs of most rooms, generally supplying too many of some, not enough of other, and simply wrong locations of still other connections.

Fortunately, centralized services can actually reduce the need for more cables. Using a centralized approach to distribute content allows switching and processing to be done “before” being sent to the rooms. More media can be distributed on fewer cables.

GPS has found that homeowners are ultimately most satisfied if they participate in the design and engineering of their custom wiring, including selecting how many cables, which kind of cable, and the location of each specific type of termination in each room. While the task is not glamorous, most owners will recognize the benefits of this effort each and every day.

Life is demanding… Life at home shouldn’t be. GPS designers will work with you to help your home become a satisfying expression of your lifestyle.