The Most Powerful and Most Flexible Control System in the World

HomeWorks Interactive, the world's leading whole-house lighting control system, provides simple, convenient control of all home lighting, as well as the ability to control audio, video, and many other sub-systems in a home. HomeWorks Interactive provides homeowners with many benefits including:

  • increased security
  • added convenience
  • improved aesthetics in the home

Click To EnlargeHomeWorks Interactive can make a home safer by automatically turning on landscape and security lighting each night. A built-in timeclock automatically adjusts for changing seasons, as well as for daylight savings time.

HomeWorks Interactive also increases peace of mind by providing homeowners with the ability to turn all lights on instantly using a single button on a Keypad.

Every day, a HomeWorks Interactive system automatically memorizes a home's actual lighting usage patterns, which can be replayed when the homeowner is away. This unique feature allows for a realistic appearance of activity that standard timers cannot achieve.

HomeWorks Interactive can also be linked to a home's security system. In the event of an alarm, interior lights can turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights can flash, drawing immediate attention.

Each light in a home can be controlled from any HomeWorks Interactive Keypad, providing instant access to all areas of the home and landscape. This eliminates the tedious task of setting the home lighting just right for daily activities, bedtime, or special occasions.

  Click To EnlargeWhen most lights are off, one button on a Keypad can create a "path of light" to softly light the way to another room, allowing for late-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen without fumbling for switches in a dark hallway. And monitoring lighting in individual rooms or areas throughout a home requires no more than a quick glance at a Keypad's discrete status LEDs.

Click To EnlargeHomeWorks Interactive gives homeowners the power to enhance the beauty of their home and decor with an endless variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes. One button dims the lights for a soft romantic dinner while another button lights the house for a festive party.

Keypads provide a clean, elegant look on the wall by combining Click To Enlargethe functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single control. Contrast the elegant simplicity of a single Keypad to the large bank of switches often found at the front door. Whole-house audio and video control can also be integrated into HomeWorks Interactive Keypads to further reduce wall clutter and provide a consistent look.

Wall controls from most other systems in a home can also be integrated under one seamless, customized wallplate to maintain aesthetic consistency. Keypads can even be matched to a home's paint colors, wallpaper, or decor.

Lutron combines the industry's largest selection of controls and matching accessories with an extensive array of colors and metal finishes. Custom engraving of all HomeWorks Interactive Keypads is provided at no charge to the homeowner.

Replace large banks of switches with one elegant keypad

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