Lutron has been the world leader in lighting controls since inventing the solid-state dimmer more than 35 years ago. All Lutron products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, minimizing the likelihood of damage caused by power surges, lightning strikes, or static electricity.

In the unlikely event of a disruption of communication with the Processor, the HomeWorks® Interactive™ Vareo-Style Local Lighting Controls and GRAFIK Eye Preset Local Lighting Controls remain fully functional.

HomeWorks Interactive provides the capability to make system events conditional. For example, driveway sensors can be programmed to turn on exterior lighting if, and only if, it is dark. As another example, a single "Dining" button on a Keypad might set different lighting and music, based on the time of day, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

HomeWorks Interactive allows events to occur automatically at a specific time of day or at a time relative to sunrise or sunset. Multiple schedules can be programmed, allowing for different timeclock events on weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc. Timeclock schedules can also be enabled or disabled from Keypads. Any timeclock event can be programmed using conditional logic, so the event will occur only if a specified condition is met.

HomeWorks Interactive can be connected to a security system to activate lights in case of an alarm. Selected lights will turn on to a predetermined security level, or flash repeatedly to attract attention. Security Mode may also be activated manually from a Keypad.

HomeWorks Interactive constantly monitors and records the state of all system devices in a home. When Vacation Mode is activated, the system plays back these events, providing a realistic appearance of activity while the home is unoccupied. The system can be programmed to record either the last day's, the last week's, or the last two weeks' activities.

All HomeWorks Interactive components are designed with 10-year power-failure memory. If power is interrupted and restored, lights will automatically return to the levels to which they were set prior to the power outage.

An optional Telephone Interface allows the homeowner to access and control up to nine different functions or events from any touchtone phone. The Telephone Interface guides the homeowner through each step with customized voice messages and provides positive verbal response when a function or event has been activated. This capability can also be utilized from telephones within the house, making any phone a convenient nine-button keypad.

All HomeWorks Interactive Keypads, GRAFIK Eye Controls, and Vareo-Style Local Lighting Controls complement each other with matching colors, styles and finishes. A full range of wallplates, receptacles, telephone jacks, and cable jacks are available to match the system controls. Controls can also be customized to match a home's paint colors, wallcoverings, or decor.

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