Lighting Scenes - Ease any Task, Enhance any Mood
If you have ever gone from lamp to lamp, room to room, adjusting lights to prepare for a party or a special visitor, you know how hard it can be to get it "just right". But when it is, what a difference it makes in your home appearance!

Why not enjoy the best light staging every day, for every activity, with just a single touch? Why should your home look its best only for others? You deseverve the convenience, enjoyment, and safety of immediate control of lighting scenes.

Go from theater lighting to path lights for safe walking without interrupting the entertainment, or raise the room lights after the movie. Have a quick ALL ON for those moments when you think you hear some suspicious noise in the night. And how about office lighting that knows the difference between a quiet nighttime computer or desk task and a whole-room project?

Lighting scenes are the answer.

TRY IT - Click the top four buttons to recall the different lighting scenes for this room.

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