Security Systems
Many people don’t want or don’t use an alarm system because they find them too annoying to use, as well as because of the seemingly inevitable embarassing and costly false alarms.

If you could protect yourself and your property without interfering in your own freedom; if a system could actually assist you in your management of your home; if a company could guarantee NO FALSE ALARMS – you’d actually use your alarm system. And feel secure

Vigilante Security Systems have beaten the false alarm. Our systems can be a daily asset to your life instead of just waiting for the day you hope doesn’t come. And using Vigilante systems is so easy, so non-invasive, and so unrestrictive of your freedom of movement, you’ll know you have made the right choice.

Golden Pacific Systems has wired over 20,000 new and existing homes, installing our private branded Vigilante Security Systems with innovative and intelligent breach detection and control. We offer advanced and simple operation, one-button arming, and helpful readouts and voice announcements that can inform you of what is happening on your property even when the alarm is not armed. Imagine the peace of mind that knowing that anywhere in the house, you’ll be notified by a clear but discreet voice announcing that your garage door or rear gate has been opened, or that the pool house has been entered. It may be family or scheduled workers, but shouldn’t you know that it happened?

With a Vigilante system, voice announcements can also be used outdoors, alternating with an alarm siren. Anyone hearing the alarm will also hear “Fire in attic” or “intrusion in rear bathroom window”, helping them to react appropriately and frightening off invaders who will know that they have not just been detected, but pinpointed.

For the ultimate in convenience and safety, you can integrate your Vigilante Security System with your home lighting, telephone, and entertainment systems. Monitor cameras automatically or at a touch from your multizone TV and music system and theaters, and have lighting react instantly to problems and breaches. The same remote controls and miniature keyfobs you use to manage lighting or entertainment can seamlessly operate your security system or signal for help. Telephones and pagers both at home and away can act as control and remote monitoring terminals to tell you what is happening, where, and let you listen to the sounds in the home.

Most insurance companies give reduced rates for customers with alarm systems. Taking advantage of that discount will help you appreciate the value of your system. But Vigilante systems are designed to add value to your daily life, to inform you of moment-to-moment conditions on your property, without nagging you or confining your activity.

But what if your alarm does go off? Will anybody notice or care? As valuable as it is, the alarm system is only half the solution – remote monitoring is the other half. Vigilante Central Station Monitoring is the perfect match for your Vigilante system, with personal care and appropriate reaction to specific conditions at your home. Read more about our unique monitoring services.

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. Vigilante Security Systems can make it easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Our Security Consultants can design a plan personally for you.