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Powerful TV and Music Systems
Your entry to a new world of entertainment ease and control - MusicTouch offers home theater and multi-zone equipment and control packages that are unequalled in the industry, in price-conscious preconfigured systems. A range of the most-requested options and equipment provide optimized choices ideal for many buyers, especially for new homes where your builder and GPS have worked together to create unique configurations and special pricing. There are MusicTouch configurations for home theater, multi-zone entertainment, and combined systems. Each includes a precision-built Theatron rack with performance-matched components. And an easy upgrade from a MusicTouch to a CineTouch control system can be made anytime when and if advanced features or custom equipment selections are needed or desired.

Golden Pacific Systems understands that what users want is to SELECT CONTENT – not to “operate equipment”. Until now, nearly all existing home theater control systems have been designed essentially as a “universal remote” that can address all the varied equipment in the room. Sadly, this has resulted in systems that are nearly impossible for mere mortals to use – the USER must know which devices have to be set in what ways to see or hear anything, as well as how to get to each of the controls to set them. Every time. No wonder most home entertainment systems are run by only one person in the home, and that often the many video and audio settings are less than optimal - it's simply easier to leave them alone.

Some systems try to simplify things by removing all but the most necessary functions of each device. You end up with fewer buttons, but much less functionality, and you still have to know how to actually use each device.

It’s been even worse for multi-zone TV and music because of the complications of different capabilites of different display and speaker setups in each room. The result has been avoidance of even attempting to offer really capable multi-zone systems – most just stop with music. MusicTouch brings the power of full control to every room, each independent while providing full feedback about shared sources and system status. Finally, you can distribute TV and music to any or all rooms in the home with full control and no clutter of duplicated equipment or visible wiring.

With MusicTouch, you simply choose what you want to see or hear using one or more attractive and approachable touch screens. Just touch one button, and the advanced software knows and does whatever is required to route the content and adjust the devices in the path to their best settings. Then, device functions are all abstracted and made to operate in exactly the same way – even if they are designed entirely differently. Play, channel, volume, pause are always the same button and work exactly the same regardless of what content you’re watching or where you are in the house. Command all of every device’s power at will, without having to know one from another. Complex combinations of actions all execute at a single touch to give you exactly what you want, even setting projector, screen, and TV settings on the fly. Control any zone from anywhere.

Favorite channels and system behaviors can be set exactly like a car radio – find what you want, then press and hold the button to lock in your choice for your later use. Anyone can use MusicTouch – and they’ll enjoy it.

Typical home theater integrations are custom, one-off, rigid, dead-ended, and often obsolete almost as soon as they are installed. Expensive custom control programming may take months to complete, require more programming for as simple a change as a new channel lineup, and may require complete replacement if the original programmer is no longer available to maintain it.

By comparison, the MusicTouch design of standardized core design and layered optional features and upgrades allows you to select and adjust exactly the system you need today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Built on GPS's EMPATH, an advanced database system architecture, MusicTouch requires no unique programming for each installation. You can choose from a range of systems that will suit your budget and needs, and we work with builders to provide ideal selections for new home buyers. Installation is fast and reliable because of preconfigured software and reliable preselected components. Maintenance and updates can even be done via the Internet, without requiring the delay and inconvenience of a service call.

All MusicTouch systems can be enhanced and upgraded across time into a custom CineTouch solution, offering unmatched flexibility, personalization, and advanced features. No other systems are as complete, as easy to use, or as powerful.

MusicTouch upgradeable, intelligent systems from Golden Pacific Systems have changed integrated home entertainment forever. While others struggle to offer a glorified remote control, MusicTouch actually provides you with personal entertainment management.

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. See a GPS system consultant for details on options and pricing for your new MusicTouch or CineTouch home entertainment system.