THEATRON Brand Equipment Systems - Exclusively from GPS

The heart of any home entertainment system is the source and control equipment. Unlike some integrators, Golden Pacific Systems understands that this critical assembly is more than just a stack of components with wires. At GPS, every home entertainment system, big or small, has a custom-built THEATRON.

Theatron is Golden Pacific System's own trademarked brand name for our rugged integration of quality performance-matched program source devices and control interfaces, assembled in a solid professional-grade rack. Each installation requires a Theatron, home wiring and speakers, a choice of control system and software, and display devices.

Every Theatron is built using premium cables and wire-dressing in our factory labratories to meet the customer specification. Then it is tested, burned-in to discover any hardware defects, and tested again with completed customer data before delivery and installation. One look behind a Theatron will convince any do-it-yourselfer that there’s a world of difference between “wiring” and Theatron wiring. Not just for looks, the looms, harnesses, custom connectors, supports, and expansion arms supplement roll-out racks to make servicing and upgrading a Theatron simple and quick. That means not only more reliable function right away, but long term benefits for your future needs and wants.

Not just any equipment can qualify to be in a Theatron. GPS carefully reviews and tests new products from major manufacturers to determine which will provide the fidelity, control, value, and reliability we demand to be part of our offerings. Only the best survive - visit our Partners page for a list of manufacturers we have certified for Theatron. Professional-grade equipment costs a little more but pays off with superior performance, longer life, and few or no service issues. GPS stands behind our Theatron as a system – anything that isn’t right, we fix, no quibbles. That does mean that we generally won’t install pre-existing user-owned equipment in a new Theatron. Time and again, our customers find that the decision to install new, matched equipment is more satisfying and even more economical in the long run, as we assure years of trouble-free use.

Just one Theatron can support an entire home with distributed entertainment and control. Where conditions require, two or more racks making one Theatron system may be located independently and linked. If attached to a broadband data connection, a Theatron with CineTouch or MusicTouch control systems can be accessed, controlled, updated, and even serviced remotely over the Internet.

Theatron systems are designed for successful use in challenging installations, such as inside custom cabinets, recessed in walls, hidden in closets, or distributed in several locations. Stable rolling trays provide technicians immediate access to the wiring and backs of equipment by simply placing the tray and pulling the rack out to the service position. This allows unlimited options for custom locations.

Our engineering department can design and build fine furniture for your Theatron to match or accent your décor, or create usable space in a closet, between walls, or within overhead soffits. In new construction homes, we work with your builder to create ideal locations for equipment and wiring with space for future expansion. See our Furnishings and Fixtures pages as well as our Installation Portfolio for examples and ideas for your home.

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn't be. With a Theatron system powering your home's entertaiment, you'll have years of trouble-free service and upgradability - gauranteed by over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction - Golden Pacific Systems.