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Introducing CineTouch 8 -
Personal Entertainment Management

Simply beautiful...
Really Lovely...

That’s what customers are saying about CineTouch 8, now available from Golden Pacific Systems.
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CineTouch has been among the world's most powerful and versatile home entertainment control system for several years, and now it may be the most beautiful too!

There has never before been a home theater and multi-room control system as complete, as easy to use, and as powerful as GPS’s CineTouch. With addictive features unique in the industry, CineTouch 8 again redefines personal entertainment management. It’s so easy to use, kids, grandparents, and guests all love it. So powerful, you get the most out of every component. So integrated, you forget about operating equipment – you’re just selecting content. And now so attractive, it begs to used and shown off.

An all-new user experience, CineTouch 8 now offers a choice of many appearance themes at each control panel at a touch of a button. Choose the look that you like best today, or match your room decor, and change your mind anytime. Eight themes are already available, and new themes are introduced quarterly. Custom themes can be built to suit your taste or mood.

Misty Autumn. Final Frontier. Jade Stone. Classic Marble. Executive Burl. Winter Twilight. Words can’t do justice to the choices in the new CineTouch 8, so click HERE to see for yourself in this collection of images from a running system.

But great new looks aren’t the only news in CineTouch 8

  • Faster, smoother control of any source in any room
  • Panel layouts offer easier use without reducing functionality
  • Visual cues guide use and provide natural status feedback
  • Enhanced personalization and option systems
  • Scheduled events, including multiple alarm clocks
  • Integrated home security system control
  • Integrated heating and cooling system control
  • Advanced lighting control with feedback and timed actions
  • Whole-house distributed High-Definition TV and surround sound
  • Choose CDs and DVDs by cover art vividly displayed on the touch panel
  • Use touch panels as TV displays without compromised control
  • More choices in panel sizes from a 4” wireless to a 17” HDTV touch panel
  • CinePC puts a full home control panel on your computer – anywhere
  • Internet maintenance and upgrades enable service without home visits
  • … and dozens more enhancements and new features

Under development for over six years, CineTouch continues to lead the industry with its versatile, configurable relational data-driven architecture. Because each installation differs only in its defining data, CineTouch installations, maintenance, and upgrades are fast and easy. No more reinventing a system in every home, let alone in each room. No more custom programming that takes months to get right and can’t be changed without a second mortgage. CineTouch can grow with you, and if you move, it can go with you in fine furniture equipment systems. Unlike any other high-end control system, with CineTouch it’s possible to have whatever you want today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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CineTouch upgradeable, intelligent systems from Golden Pacific Systems have changed integrated home entertainment forever. While others struggle to offer a glorified remote control, CineTouch actually provides you with personal entertainment management..

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. See a GPS system consultant for details on options for your new CineTouch home entertainment control system.