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CineTouch 6.0 -
Part 2: Finally - It's about Content!

What makes using CineTouch uniquely easy

Anyone can use CineTouch – and they’ll enjoy it. It starts with a simple choice - TV or Music? CineTouch shapes the control experience into natural, obvious choices of content.

Think about it – what you want to do is to SELECT CONTENT – not to “operate equipment”. But typical home theater control systems have been designed essentially as “universal remotes” that address all the varied equipment in the room. Sadly, this has resulted in systems that are nearly impossible for mere mortals to use – the USER must know which devices have to be set in what ways to see or hear anything, as well as how to get to each of the controls to set them. No wonder most home entertainment systems can be operated by only one person, and that often the many video and audio settings are less than optimal - it's simply easier to leave them alone. Considering the outstanding quality available from today's high-definition television and precision digital surround sound processing, an average setting is just unacceptable.

Some systems try to simplify things by removing all but the most necessary functions of each device. You end up with fewer buttons but much less functionality - and you still have to know how to both activate and use each device, because these systems think they are all about “operating devices”. That’s NOT an entertaining process to most of us. It’s been even worse for multi-room TV and music because of the complications of different capabilities of different display and speaker setups in each room. The result has been an absence of really capable multi-room systems, especially with distributed high-definition TV.

CineTouch finally brings the power of full control to every room, even while invisibly managing the technology that makes each room different. Each room operates the same no matter how it is equipped, independently, while providing full and natural feedback about shared sources and system status. Now you can distribute TV and music from one or more fine-furniture Theatron integrated equipment systems to any or all rooms in the home. Every room has full independent control and no clutter of duplicated equipment or visible wiring.

With CineTouch, you simply choose what you want to see or hear using one or more attractive and approachable touch screens, which can include a live video preview. Just touch one button, and the advanced software knows and does whatever is required to route your content and adjust the devices in the path to their best settings. That includes automatically optimizing high-definition video and digital audio as appropriate for any room. Source device functions are all abstracted and made to operate in exactly the same way, from exactly the same buttons, even if different vendors designed them entirely differently. Play, channel, volume, pause are always the same button in the same place. CineTouch works exactly the same regardless of what content you’re watching or where you are in the house – so you already know how to use it.

Now you can command all of every device’s power at will, without having to know one from another. Complex combinations of actions all execute at a single touch to shape your environment and the theater to give you what you want, even setting projector, screen, and TV settings on the fly for multiple displays.

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CineTouch upgradeable, intelligent systems from Golden Pacific Systems have changed integrated home entertainment forever. While others struggle to offer a glorified remote control, CineTouch actually provides you with personal entertainment management.

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. See a GPS system consultant for details on options for your new CineTouch home entertainment control system.