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CineTouch 6.0 -
Part 3: Personalization - for Everyone

How CineTouch makes everyone's use an individual affair

Some of the most expensive home control systems still miss the fact that there is more than one USER. In multi-room systems, multiple users want to enjoy independent source selection and control wherever they are. CineTouch monitors and manages conflicts, prevents rooms from interfering with each other wherever possible, and alerts users to any actions that could affect other rooms that are actually in use.

Then CineTouch goes much further, offering individual user profiles that manage preferences and permissions. Devices, rooms, and functions can be offered or restricted by user. The touch panels themselves will offer more or fewer buttons and functions according to the desire and technical understanding of the user. Parents can manage where and what the kids can see and hear, and the kids won’t even feel like they are missing anything - their approved choices are all they see. Room, source, and user status and/or monitoring and remote control are all available, as is room privacy and source and room locking. Optional password protection can be applied to high-level users with more power, and if used, unique level controls keep password entry needs to a minimum.

Favorite channels and system behaviors can be set exactly like a car radio – find what you want and then press and hold the button to save and display your choice for your later use. Each user can save their choices and recall them without interfering with anyone else’s preferences.

More Control Choices – for Anywhere
Simplicity and power distinguish CineTouch from anything on the market. Let CineTouch manage your theater room lighting, window shades, projector screen, even security cameras, intercoms, and temperature controls. Each complex scene is simplified into a single touch for your enjoyment.

Elegant theme choices make tabletop panels blend with any décor, and can even be the main or preview TV display in the room. Tabletop panel sizes include 4" screens, 7" wide format with video, 10" wide format with video, 12" and 15" with extra control areas and video, and 17" wide format with video. Wide format video can even be in high definition on the larger panels.

Wall-mounted touch controls are ideal for some rooms and can unobtrusively extend your choices throughout your home. Choose wall panels in 4", 5", 6", 7", 10", 12", 15" and 17". Panels are available with or without video windows, and some are available with high definition video.

Mobile wireless color touch panels can provide uncompromised roaming control, making the most of CineTouch's multi-room features. Wireless panels are available as small as 4" in a pocket unit with a brilliant touch display. The 7.5" wireless panel is a good mid-size choice, and the vivid 8.4" wireless panel also extends control with added info and control areas.

The credit-card sized CineTouch Micromote can put the command of your entire system in your pocket. A remote this small and powerful can only be made possible by a control system so advanced that it interprets your intent and returns one-touch instant action. CineTouch makes it simple.

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CineTouch upgradeable, intelligent systems from Golden Pacific Systems have changed integrated home entertainment forever. While others struggle to offer a glorified remote control, CineTouch actually provides you with personal entertainment management..

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. See a GPS system consultant for details on options for your new CineTouch home entertainment control system.