Cool Steel Panel Theme

Businesslike and efficient, the Cool Steel theme fits offices, teen bedrooms, and mad scientist labs with equal comfort.

Want to see more of other themes?

Executive Burl - Perfect for the traditional office or library

Winter Twilight - Quiet and calm in the evening half-light

Ocean Blue - Nautical and unique

Final Frontier - As far as you can go...

Classic Marble - Carved columns and blocks

Misty Autumn - Lavender and Gold beauty

Cool Steel - Modern and efficient

Jade Stone - Deep colors and rich textures

You can have any or all of these themes on your panel at your touch command - only with CineTouch 6.0. And these are just the beginning - new themes will be released quarterly, and custom themes can be commissioned at any time to precisely match a decor or for special occasions, sports teams, or whatever you can think of!

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Part 2: Finally. It's about Content!
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How CineTouch makes control an individual affair

Part 4: Architecture for the Future
Why CineTouch is your best entertainment investment

CineTouch upgradeable, intelligent systems from Golden Pacific Systems have changed integrated home entertainment forever. While others struggle to offer a glorified remote control, CineTouch actually provides you with personal entertainment management..

Life is demanding. Life at home shouldn’t be. See a GPS system consultant for details on options for your new CineTouch home entertainment control system.